Claire Nicolas

Tribeca Sounds

TRIBECA SOUNDS. Tribeca Sounds was a captivating project I had the opportunity to work on as a graphic designer within Tribeca’s restaurants. The venture entailed a remarkable collaboration between the restaurant and the esteemed musician, Manu Katché, resulting in the production of three vinyl records fusing the realms of house music and jazz. The Tribeca… Continue reading Tribeca Sounds

Coffee Lovers

COFFEE LOVERS. Coffee Lovers is a personal project where I show my passion for illustration and graphic design. It’s a project that I’m proud to include in my portfolio. The illustration is a still life where coffee meets nature. I took inspiration from the beauty of spring incorporating flowers and leaves into the coffee to give… Continue reading Coffee Lovers

Sports Coatching on boat

Graphic Design

SPORTS COACHING ON BOATS. Sports Coaching on Boats, was created for a client who envisioned offering sports coaching services specifically tailored for individuals interested in boating. Focusing on luxury and targeting those who rent or own yachts, I meticulously crafted a visually captivating design to resonate with the client’s desired audience. To achieve an elegant… Continue reading Sports Coatching on boat

Mon Moi Parfumé

mon moi parfumé. GALIMARD company was established over 266 years ago, but its visual identity has not evolved. To promote their perfumes, which are based on the personal creation of fragrances, I took inspiration from a book by Robert Filliou titled “Toi par lui et moi” (“You by him and Me”). He suggests drawing oneself… Continue reading Mon Moi Parfumé


Écrevisses. Écrevisses is a fictional project, launching a new recycled swimwear brand. I developed its visual identity and content. The brand deeply committed to recyclability, responsibility, quality, and minimalism, needed a cohesive and impactful visual representation. I created a logo adhering to a strict black-and-white palette, serving as the cornerstone of the brand’s recognition. Additionally,… Continue reading Écrevisses


KARLIVING. Karliving is a  fictional project, captivating Danish interior design. I had the stimulating opportunity to collaborate with the talented decorator Karl, who resides in Denmark and is passionate about refined aesthetics. Karl, a fervent advocate for noble materials such as walnut, leather, and bronze, aspires to bring his artistic vision to life through his… Continue reading Karliving

#Vie de Parents

HASHTAGVIEDEPARENTS. Hashtagviedeparents embodies contemporary parenthood by redefining it through innovative events, expert advice, and an inclusive community, fostering a judgment-free journey. Collaborating as their website, and social media designer I embarked on a journey to encapsulate the essence of their mission: empowering parents through knowledge, support, and connection. Using WIX as our canvas, I meticulously… Continue reading #Vie de Parents