Claire Nicolas

I'm Claire Nicolas — Designer behind Clear Studio Design.

I’m a Graphic Designer passionate about creating, learning, and sharing my design knowledge with other creatives. I absolutely love helping small business owners bring their dreams to life by creating a brand they’re obsessed with!

Embarking from a childhood immersed in artistic inspiration within my family, Clear Studio Design is a manifestation of creative passion and resilience. My educational journey in Graphic Design at ESAG Penninghen and LISAA, coupled with transformative experiences on Vancouver Island, Canada, has shaped a design philosophy that seamlessly integrates artistic flair with strategic thinking. 

Having earned a Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Skema Business School, I bring a dual perspective to every project – a synthesis of global influences from my cross-cultural adventures. Now based in France and Switzerland, Clear Studio Design stands at the intersection of creativity and business acumen.

Wherever you are, together we can bring your unique vision to life!

What sets Clear Studio Design apart is not just its design prowess but the profound commitment to turning challenges into strengths. A personal journey with endometriosis has become a catalyst, infusing each design with resilience and authenticity.

This unique blend is an invitation to collaborate, transcending geographic boundaries.