Hashtagviedeparents embodies contemporary parenthood by redefining it through innovative events, expert advice, and an inclusive community, fostering a judgment-free journey. Collaborating as their website, and social media designer I embarked on a journey to encapsulate the essence of their mission: empowering parents through knowledge, support, and connection. Using WIX as our canvas, I meticulously crafted a design that captures attention and invites exploration. Every element, from layout to color palette, was thoughtfully curated to resonate with Hashtagviedeparents’ audience. Visitors can expect to find a visually engaging and user-friendly platform that reflects the vibrant spirit of contemporary parenthood.


In addition to design, I infused the website with compelling copy aimed at captivating visitors, offering a refreshing perspective on parenting in today’s world. Whether seeking expert advice, engaging in community discussions, or exploring innovative events, parents will find a wealth of resources for their parenting journey. Together, we’ve revitalized Hashtagviedeparents’ digital space, resulting in an 81% increase in new visitors and achieving a bounce rate of 22% in a month. This collaboration has significantly improved the user experience, making valuable resources and community engagement more accessible to parents. I’m excited to have contributed to bringing their vision to life.