Claire Nicolas


Karliving is a  fictional project, captivating Danish interior design. I had the stimulating opportunity to collaborate with the talented decorator Karl, who resides in Denmark and is passionate about refined aesthetics. Karl, a fervent advocate for noble materials such as walnut, leather, and bronze, aspires to bring his artistic vision to life through his brand, Karliving. Core values of passion, craftsmanship, excellence, and quality guide his meticulous approach. To bring this vision to life, I crafted a webpage highlighting Karl’s exceptional work, capturing the essence of Danish design infused with the spirit of hygge. Before delving into creating visual materials, I breathed life into the brand identity by designing a distinctive typographic logo for Karliving, symbolizing timeless elegance and a commitment to excellence. This project is the craftsmanship and creativity, seamlessly blending Karl’s inspirations with an impactful online presence.